Article written about me:

Instead of me talking about myself, here is and article written by an author several years back after an interview he did.  The author is Duffy Paxton. Some of his works are "River Songs and Tales of Alaska", "Thunder at Quarai" and " The Gate at Madame T'Sein's".

He called this one "A Man That's Making It"

R. A. Capo, age 32, is an employee of the National Weather Services department of NOAA. He is not a man to be taken lightly. Neither is he a man to seek publicity - in fact, he would be among the first to shy away from the spotlight. Still, his has been a success story that shows how one man's efforts at excellence, diversification and service to his fellows has brought
him respect among his peers. It is the latter that has drawn him to the attention of the public and to community acclaim.

Chico, as he prefers to be called, was born in Puerto Rico and his education extended through the public schools there and into the University of Puerto Rico. After attending the university a short time, he decided to seek his fortune in the northern 48 states which he did before mastering the English language. Looking back, Chico says this was a troublesome burden but not insurmountable. When asked if he ran into prejudice because of his shortcomings at this point in his career, he answers emphatically, no. There were those who laughed at his mistakes but when they realized his determination to overcome them, to progress towards his higher goals, the derision melted away. One gets the feeling that Chico had no time to think of such things as the pointed insult, or a rank prejudice, for this man of determination had - and still has - great purpose.

Chico Capo is a General Weather Radar specialist at Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is one of several specialists who must interpret what they see on radar scopes and convert it into terms for use by meteorologists so that these forecasters may aid the public with timely weather watches and warnings. A most responsible position.

Is Mr. Capo satisfied with his career? No. As he puts it, "I am always trying to be ready for the next promotion. A person cannot give up attempting to better himself too early in life. When one stops, there is no further reason for life itself." So, Rafael Angel Capo (formerly Capo-Dominguez)
has immediate plans and, of course, first and foremost in those plans is more education. His entry into the University of New Mexico this spring semester will show Capo striving once again for his first love, a major in Physics.

But it is in the direction of community service where honors come his way; honors that he does not seek but that are incidental to his drive for personal excellence. He belongs to a private citizen's communication group called the Caravan Amateur Radio Club. Through this activity, he has assisted in the search for lost people of New Mexico caught up in the mountain wilderness that are such a large part of the state. Chico participated in the project Walk-for-Mankind. He helps in volunteer services to the Cystic Fibrosis Society which in 1971 presented him a Volunteer Services Award. Just recently at Christmas in the hospitals near his home he worked in the Talk-to-Santa program for hospitalized children.

A remarkably gregarious man who loves New Mexico and in particular his new home town, Albuquerque! Though an Islander by birth, he's a western mountain man by choice. Traits of the island of his birth shows through now and then, however, as when he speaks glowingly of the fruits and of the food and drink of his native land.

He married an Arkansas girl and they are the parents of two young ladies, aged 6 and 3 years respectively.

So how does a man barely in his 30's find this life? A veritable banquet. He's an ex Air Force veteran and attended the weather forecaster school at Chanute Field. He has worked in such far flung earthly paradises as Saudi Arabia and on Johnston Island in the pacific. Radio and television are his off-hour delights and he works at home with ideas to improve both. He is a man that's making life take notice that he is of the here and now generation - with
time left over to help his fellow man. And Heaven help the fellow who doesn't show a desire to help himself, for R. A. Capo is liable to light the fire of inspiration under him!

The above was written by Duffy Paxton in 1971.

Here are some of the locations that I had the privileged to reside during my lifetime.

San Antonio, Texas -  Rantoul, Illinois -  Charleston, South Carolina - Daharan, Saudi Arabia - Little Rock, Arkansas - Honolulu, Hawaii - Johnston Island, in the Pacific - Beebe, Arkansas - Victoria, Texas - Jacksonville, Arkansas - Jackson, Mississippi - Albuquerque, New Mexico - Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Some of the accomplishments that I have done:

Spent 12 years with the US Air Force
Spent 37 years of service with the National Weather Service
Spent 22 years of service with the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Office - with 4 different elected Sheriffs